À propos de AOUADI Myriam


Directeur de laboratoire au Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm


Myriam Aouadi received her PhD in June 2006 from the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France.

Her research under the supervision of Dr. Frederic Bost in the laboratory of Dr. Yannick le Marchand-Brustel showed that the mitogen activated protein kinase pathways ERK and p38MAPK were involved in the development of adipose tissue.
In 2006, she joined the laboratory of Dr. Michael Czech at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) for her postdoctoral studies. As a postdoc Myriam developed a technology to deliver small interfering RNA (siRNA) specifically to macrophages in vivo. As a research assistant professor (2010-2012) and then assistant professor (2012-2014) at UMass, Myriam used this novel siRNA delivery to investigate the role of inflammation in insulin resistance. Her studies showed that while macrophages in the adipose tissues could be detrimental to insulin sensitivity they could be beneficial as well.

Myriam joined the Karolinska institute as a principal investigator at the ICMC in 2015. Her research investigates the multiple roles of macrophages, in particular liver macrophages, in metabolic diseases. Using sophisticated techniques, such as single cell RNAseq and spatial transcriptomic, she studies the heterogeneity of macrophages in the context of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.